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We believe in Prayer

The Lord says, “Ask of me and I will give the nations as an inheritance to you" (Psalm 2:8)

 Pray for the almost 2 billion people who have never heard an adequate gospel witness.

Pray for the Persecuted Church in countries around the world.

Pray for missionaries and the work of the Lord in nations around the globe.

Assemblies of God

Prayer Line

If you are in need of prayer call 1-800-4-PRAYER -Monday through Sunday, 24 hours a day.

National Day

of Prayer 

Plan an event in your church, organization and community. Find an event scheduled in other American cities. 

Say "Hello"

“What the women of the Muslim World need supremely is the sacrificial service of their Christian sisters.”

– J. Dudley Woodberry ed.
Muslims and Christians on the Emmaus Road

Praying Life


The Praying Life Foundation offers in-depth seminars on prayer and publishes a newsletter with ministry updates and teaching articles.
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