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"The Gospel is only good news if it gets there in time."

Carl Henry

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Parker Dickerson

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Parker is no stranger to missions as he spent his middle & high school years on the mission field as a missionary kid (an MK) in Belize, Central America. After graduating from Southeastern University, Parker returned to Belize as a missionary associate, and, after getting married, he and Amy served as missionaries in Costa Rica for the first few years of their marriage.


God has led them on a journey in ministry that has given them the opportunity to serve as youth pastors & District Youth Directors in West Texas and NextGen Pastors in Minnesota before bringing them to Kentucky. Throughout their course, one thing has remained clear: their heart beats to see people find hope and life in Jesus both here in the US and around the globe. 


From raising funds for missions to leading teams on missions both in the US and abroad, the Dickersons consider it a privilege to use the gifts God has given them to see the Gospel proclaimed so that every man, woman, and child has the opportunity to begin a relationship with Jesus. Well-versed in network and Assemblies of God national missions' systems, preaching, and missional development, Parker and Amy Dickerson will continue to lead their church and now, the Kentucky Ministry Network for missions' advancement as the new missions' department director. 


I know you will join me in welcoming him and Amy as they lead us in the years to come for God's greatest mandate, to Go Ye Therefore.  For those who would like to contact Pastor Parker to welcome him or inquire of missions related questions or insights, you may contact him in the email link above.

Pastors, here are links for some great resources for your monthly Missions Window and Great Commission Sunday or Missions Convention! 


* We have several workers serving in sensitive ministries or countries that are not listed, please carefully edit any communications with them. Thank you.

Dave and Debbie Amsler's mission in Guatemala is youth evangelism, (children, teens and young adult), youth leadership training, young adult internship program, and youth ministry development. Also, Dave and Debbie are working towards development of an informal international youth leadership network for Spanish speaking youth leaders in Central and South America to serve youth leaders with resources and ministries for youth.

David & Debbie Amsler

Assemblies of God World Missions

Account: 2395192

World Missions
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Kent and Paige Parrish

Assemblies of God World Missions 

Account #2791275

Kent and Paige Parrish are missionaries to Indonesia and Asia Pacific. They have served in the Philippines since 2008 and are now serving in Indonesia. They have seen a church of 20 in 2008 become 60 house churches reaching over 1200 people regularly!  The work is thriving and will continue through our missionary friends and partners.


The Parrishes serve in Indonesia to:

  1.  Reach and equip college students through Chi Alpha (Campus)

  2.  Meet physical and spiritual needs through compassion ministries  (Compassion)

  3.  Work alongside Indonesian pastors to plant churches among the unreached  (Church Planting)


With about 17,000 islands and a population of 250 million, Kent and Paige desire that churches will be planted among those who are unreached. 

Jim and Jill Susa have been missionaries since 1985. Due to the situation in Venezuela, AGWM has removed the missionaries from Venezuela for a time. Jimmy and Jill have accepted an assignment in Colombia, where they will be working pioneering churches, training leaders and pastors, and ministering to the police and army bases. 


All projects in Venezuela will remain active. Jimmy and Jill continue to keep close contact with their pastoral team and the A/G executives. Prayers for this country are appreciated! Thank you so much!! 


Both Jimmy and Jill felt a call into missions at quite an early age.  Both left home to study and prepare themselves for missionary work in 1974.  After working and studying for 6 years in Ecuador with an independent mission, the Susa's became a part of the Kentucky Assemblies of God, where they were associate pastors at Faith A/G, in London, Kentucky, for close to 3 years.  After full appointment, they went to Venezuela in 1985, where they have served as missionaries for the past 30 years.

Jim and Jill Susa

Assemblies of God World Missions 

Account: 221682


Kevin and Cathy Stone

Assemblies of God World Missions 

Account: 2483238

Kevin and Cathy Stone currently serve as directors of AGWM Member Care in Springfield, Missouri. 


They began their ministry career by serving in pastoral roles for over 20 years, first in youth ministry, then as senior pastor in Kentucky at Dayspring Assembly of God (Dawson Springs) and at First Assembly of God (Henderson). While in Henderson, they also served as district missions director for the Kentucky Ministry Network.


In 2012 Kevin and Cathy were appointed as AGWM missionaries. After a successful itineration, they moved to North Africa in April 2013 and began directing member care for AGWM missionaries throughout the Arab World. Then in 2017, they were appointed Arab World area director. In that capacity, they oversaw ministries and missionaries in 16 countries, including Live Dead Arab World. They focused on increasing the number of personnel assigned in the area, church planting and revitalization efforts in Egypt, and establishing new churches among unreached people groups. 


In December 2020, Kevin and Cathy were asked to lead the newly restructured Member Care department of AGWM, which oversees three key ministries: missionary wellness, missionary kids, and global security. 


Kevin and Cathy have three children and five grandchildren. Their two sons and their families serve in pastoral ministry, while their daughter and her husband serve overseas with the U.S. Department of State Foreign Service.

David and Patti Thomas labor as missionary pastor-educators in Latin America, with Ecuador as their base. Their ministry includes both ministry in local churches and seminaries as well as strategic ministry training at the highest levels of leadership. David leads and teaches for Spanish language education initiatives for Global University that will raise up pastors, missionaries, and Bible college professors, not only in Ecuador but in all of Latin America.  

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David & Patti Thomas

Assemblies of God World Missions 

Account: 2516862

David will be teaching and training future pastors and leaders at Continental Theological Seminary (CTS) in Brussels, Belgium. CTS is a premier Pentecostal graduate school that brings together students from all through Europe and around the world. Many CTS students, after graduating, return home to serve in major leadership roles in the national church of their respective countries.

Emily’s extensive missionary work has trained her for cross cultural ministry and given her a heart to share the gospel with those in hopeless and desperate situations. Emily will be working in a variety of capacities related to compassion ministry.

David & Emily Trementozzi

Assemblies of God World Missions

Account #2518108

Steve & Deanne Turley began their missionary service in January 1991 with International Media Ministries in Brussels, Belgium. At IMM they were part of a team producing radio and television programs for Europe, Africa and Asia.

In 1999 they transitioned to university ministry and co-launched Students for Christ Belgium.  SFC is the international equivalent of Chi Alpha, the U.S. Assemblies of God ministry to the secular campus. SFC Belgium currently has groups in 5 cities with some 150 students involved and hundreds of alumni. Students or alumni are leading all of the local groups and in 2010 national leadership for SFC Belgium was transitioned to a former student as well. 


In addition to their continued involvement in leadership development and training for students and alumni throughout Belgium and across Europe, from 2012 through 2016, Steve and Deanne served the Europe Regional Director, assisting with special projects and events.


The Turleys are now sensing a call to the Balkans, the most unreached and challenging area of Europe.  This war-torn and fractured region has been hurting for decades.  Steve and Deanne want to be part of a rejoined and focused effort to bring the hope of Christ to the Balkans.

Steve & Deanne Turley

Assemblies of God World Missions 

Account #2914372


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Rachel Girdler

Assemblies of God World Missions

Account #2983757

Josh & Erin McCoin.jpg

Josh and Erin McCoin 

Assemblies of God World Missions

Account #2973907

Josh and Erin were called to Japan in 2014 and have a strong burden for the 99% of Japanese people who do not know Christ. They also feel a specific burden for the youth of Japan. Their vision is for God's hope, love, and salvation be brought to and embraced by the youth of Japan.


They are partnering with Chris and Lindsey Carter, the pastors of Tsukuba International Christian Assembly, to reach the lost of Japan. They plan on concentrating on sharing the gospel to the people of Japan through youth ministry, media ministry, and creating outreach ministries to local orphanages and schools in Tsukuba, Japan. 

Rachel Girdler is a Missionary Associate currently serving Nurture Hope and Protect Me Project.


Before making her transition to AGWM's International Ministries in September of 2022, Rachel was appointed as a Missionary Associate in 2019 to go to Sucúa Ecuador as the Hope House Counselor, serving 40+ Shuar girls between the ages of 8 and 21. 


Rachel studied at Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri where she obtained degrees - a Bachelor Degree in Social Work and Public Administration in 2017 before deciding to continue her education. She completed her Master of Social Work with a concentration in Community Organization and Social Action from the University of Pittsburgh in December 2018. 


Currently, Rachel is using those studies to serve Protect Me Project as their “Research and Curriculum Development Coordinator” as well as a volunteer instructor. Protect Me Project trains and equips grass-roots volunteers in 12 countries of Latin America with anti-trafficking methods, focusing on the PREVENTION of Commercial Sexual Exploitation. 


US Missions

Jerry and Tunya Adams

Living Free

Account #2036630

Clayton and Beth Arp

Vice President Living Free 

Account #2243574

Sanchez Family 10-5-22.jpg

Fabian & Rebekah Sanchez

Kentucky Hispanic Initiative

Account #289113

Morris & Maria Wood

Native American Bible College

Account #2342293


KMN Missions
Hoover, Ronnie KMN XA Leader 2020.png

Ronnie Hoover, KMN Chi Alpha Director

Ronnie has led Chi Alpha ministries at the University of Arkansas for 31 years, launched 11 Chi Alpha programs throughout Arkansas, 17 groups in other states, 1 in the Dominican Republic and 7 groups in Bolivia. Over 100 of Ronnie's former Chi Alpha students have entered full-time vocational ministry.

Ronnie brings his vast leadership experience to the KY Ministry Network, providing oversight for the Chi Alpha programs throughout our state.

Ronnie Hoover

KMN Chi Alpha Director

Eastern Kentucky University Chi Alpha & Berea Chi Alpha

Chi Alpha is a community of believers dedicated to equipping students with real, transforming faith.  We do this through living a lifestyle of worship and honor to God, and so we meet in both small faith groups called "Connect" groups and large whole group services which we call "Converge" services.  In these meetings we have time for worship, discussion, and teaching centered around living out a life of faith in Christ.  We believe in a life empowered by the Holy Spirit to be God's witnesses and we do this in multiple ways.  


We believe the church is God's declaration of His kingdom coming to Earth and so we live this out through various outreach opportunities in our community; striving to serve the real needs of people.  We also strive to see every moment as an opportunity to introduce people to the most amazing thing that has ever happened to us: Jesus Christ.  In that our lives, our actions, and our relationships should all point to the one who saved us proclaiming the Kingdom of God until He comes.  If you would like more information about anything you have read, check us out at our website, our Facebook page of the same name, orcontact Pastor Ben through email.  We would love to have you come be a part of what God is doing at Eastern Kentucky University and Berea College.

Ben & Deanna Burnett

EKU Chi Alpha & Berea College Chi Alpha



We are focused on transforming our world for Jesus Christ by sharing HOPE to a lost campus.   


We have 3 Core Values that drive that purpose into action:


1)   Fellowship -- We want students to love hanging out together and building

relationships, this connects them to the church

2)   Discipleship -- We want students to grow and learn from each other, this connects them to God

3)   Evangelism --  We want students to share His love and invite others to join the journey, this connects them to their purpose

Anthony & Rachel Mullins

KY District Appointed Home Missionary

Chi Alpha, Morehead State University



(606) 748-3113



The national chaplaincy department has requested that the district not publish a list of the chaplains due to the nature of their ministry on military bases and detention centers. We have several men and women currently serving on police & fire departments, detention centers, and military bases.



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