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Welcome to the Kentucky School of Ministry. We are honored that you are joining our learning community. Our faculty and administration are dedicated to helping our students develop the skills and understanding needed to become more effective in ministry. KSOM is especially designed with two kinds of students in mind: those who are preparing to pursue ministry credentials with the Assemblies of God, and those who simply desire to gain a deeper understanding of Biblical concepts and ministry principles.


For ministerial candidates, KSOM provides the required classes that satisfy the academic requirements for ministry applicants for each level of Assembly of God ministry credentials – Certified, Licensed, and Ordained. KSOM is also a wonderful resource for equipping church leaders, deacons, teachers and volunteers - those people who are so vital to the spiritual health of every church.


Stanley E. Holder,  KSOM Director, KMN Secretary Treasurer


Kentucky School of Ministry exists to facilitate the mission of the church by promoting and enabling the training of ministers and Christian workers


The school provides training for those sensing a call to ministry, whether as credentialed ministers or as equipped laypersons within the local church. The school strives to give doctrinal and practical instruction based upon common core values and shared ministry goals. 

General Information

The Kentucky School of Ministry (KSOM) is an important part of the ministry endeavors of churches and pastors. Knowledge gleaned from the classroom experience becomes a valuable tool that the Holy Spirit can use to further the purposes of God.


KSOM integrates spiritual formation, relationship building, and academic achievement to provide a unique learning experience. Students not only acquire knowledge necessary for obtaining ministerial credentials, but also develop character and skills essential for effective ministry.

KSOM 2020 Class Schedule

Complete an entire level of studies in one year.
Students can enroll at any time during the year.

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For those who live in the Lexington area: 

Bethel Spanish Bible College offers a biblical education at a low cost with individual programs of study are designed specifically for each student. BSBC offers all three levels of study in Spanish to meet the educational requirements for credentials with the Assemblies of God. 


Trimesters: Fall, Winter and Spring 

Days: Monday 

Time: 7:00pm – 10:00 pm 

Cost: Enrollment $50, Monthly $35 (does not include books and graduation) 


Location: Bethel Spanish Bible College 

436 Fairman Rd., Lexington KY 40511 

Tel.: 859-421-1914 


Dean: Rev. Dr. Alberto Carrillo 

Administration: Rev. Ligia M. Carrillo 

Office Address:

7206 Clore Lane

Crestwood, KY 40014

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 98

Crestwood, KY 40014

Contact Us:

Phone: (502) 241-7111

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