We believe that every community deserves a healthy, Spirit-empowered church. Not just any church, but a place of worship that has been adapted to the needs of the community and is led by someone who is passionate about the people who live there.

One size doesn't fit all. We believe that God works through a variety of church models. Whether you live in the city, the suburb, or the country, He still wants to work in your community.

Thinking about planting a church? Connect with us. It's our mission to equipfund, and network leaders in the church with the ultimate goal of multiplying the Kingdom across Kentucky.

Terry Crigger

Church Planting

and Revitalization


Here in the Kentucky Ministry Network we believe that church planting is one of the key components to a healthy and multiplying ministry culture.  With several successful church planting examples in recent years, our goal is to develop new congregations throughout Kentucky each year.


Considering Church Planting in Kentucky?

  1. Calling: Some of our most successful church planters are entrepreneurs at heart, with a desire to use their God given talents for kingdom expansion.  Determining how God is leading this journey is key to long term success.


  1. Assessment: We now have two Assessment Weekends each year for the planter and his/her spouse. These events are geared to help us know the skill set and best placement for each candidate.


  1. Training: Once our church planting candidates complete our Weekend Assessment, the next step in the process is Church Planter Launch Training. This training is a requirement for all Kentucky church planters. Launch Training is designed to help every planter discover what type of church they will plant, where they will plant, when they will launch, why they are planting and who they will plant with. Eight times throughout the calendar year Launch Training events are hosted in regional cities such as Washington DC, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Columbus, San Antonio, Springfield, Boston and Orlando. The planter and spouse can choose whatever Launch Training works best for their calendar. We recommend attending no later than 6 months prior to launch date.


  1. Funding: New church plants can now obtain funding directly from the Kentucky District. Funds will be approved and dispersed only by following the guidelines set by the Kentucky District leadership. 


  1. Support: Here in Kentucky we are committed to building authentic Christ-centered relationships with our church planters that include connection with district leadership as well as successful church planters within the state.



Target Cities

With over 100 Assembly of God churches in the Kentucky District, there are still areas of our state that are unreached or would benefit from additional new church plants.  The three areas of Northern Kentucky, Lexington and Louisville remain the most densely populated areas where several new churches are warranted.


Listed below are cities with a population that exceeds 20,000.


  • Louisville/Jefferson County     537,337

  • Lexington/Fayette County       295,803

  • Bowling Green                             58,076

  • Owensboro                                  57,265

  • Covington                                     40,640

  • Hopkinsville                                 31,577

  • Richmond                                    31,364

  • Florence                                       29,951

  • Georgetown                               29,098

  • Henderson                                 28,757

  • Elizabethtown                           28,531

  • Nicholasville                              28,015

  • Jeffersontown                           26,595

  • Frankfort                                   25,527

  • Paducah                                    25,024

  • Radcliff                                      21,688

  • Ashland                                     21,684


If you or someone you know has a desire to plant a church in one of our target cities please let us know!


Our Team

Joe Girdler:  District Superintendent

Terry Crigger:  Assistant Superintendent and Church Planting Director

Stan Holder: Secretary Treasurer


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