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Open Churches in Kentucky


Information for Churches in Transition:

Churches that are in transition and need assistance in searching for a new pastor may contact the District Superintendent, Joseph S. Girdler, by calling 502-241-7111 or emailing Pastor Joe Girdler.


Information for Ministers in Transition:

Assemblies of God Ministers in Kentucky:

Credentialed Assembly of God ministers in the Kentucky District need only to contact the District Office to obtain a copy of the Open Church List. Send an e-mail to Jenna Lewis.


Assemblies of God Ministers outside Kentucky:

If you are an Assemblies of God credentialed minister and would like to receive our current list of Open Churches, we need the following information from you mailed to the address below:


Kentucky District of the Assemblies of God

PO Box 98 Crestwood, KY 40014



Once our office has received all three of these items, we will begin to send you our current open church list.  We prefer to do this via e-mail.  Then, every time there is an update to the list, you will be sent the updated list. You may contact our office for the Data/Release form or other information.

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