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KYAG Pastors, in conjunction with the National Assemblies of God, we are offering this resource to allow and assist any size church in our Network the opportunity of re-focusing, re-adjusting, re-assessing, re-aligning, and ultimately re-turning post-COVID 19 with a re-launched paradigm for gospel impact, church momentum, and kingdom growth. Click on the link below to view the Church Relaunch Resource materials. Familiarize yourself with the components. KYAG will be hosting online Zoom meetings (once or twice a week) for pastors interested in joining a 7 week journey of RELAUNCH & REVITALIZATION. If you're interested in joining, email: And, by the way, it's complimentary; no charge to you. 




Pastor Joe

Joseph S. Girdler, DMin

Superintendent - KY AG 

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KYAG COVID-19 Weekly Update

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

By the Network Pastor/Superintendent of the

Kentucky Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God

Kentucky AG Church Re--Openings


KYAG Friends,


With Kentucky’s official re-opening of buildings and services for in-person worship, I will be sharing my final weekly “Written Wednesday COVID 19 UPDATE”, today. Hereafter, for our KYAG credential holders/ministers/global workers, I’ll continue my weekly Superintendent’s “Text Tuesday” communiqué, and my weekly Superintendent’s “Zoom-Connect Thursday”.  As always, I’ll offer posted and written communication as needed, but no longer as a systematic addition to the norm of my three weekly interaction procedures.


Following over two months of in-home seclusion and a myriad of new-normal routines that have come from this century-defining season, how the Church converses, networks, trains, connects, and even worships has been taken to a new, and in some cases, even fresh level. The intimacy and personal nature of private worship draws one to the deeper and more revealing things of our lives and of God. Somehow truth unfolds and the heart of God is discovered. We’ve had numerous days of rain in the Louisville area where I reside. I smile, because… I sense …rain (Isaiah 45:8). It’s as if deep is calling out to deep. Rain is a mystery. There is a great harvest ready and awaiting. He is the Creator. I am the created. He is calling. He is the Potter. I am the clay. He is molding. I am reminded of a passage of scripture I shared at my sister’s funeral a few years ago. No eye has seen, no ear has heard, nor can it be conceived, the things God has planned for His children.


While in no way suggesting the Church’s months of being removed from their buildings, or their trajectory to online services and ministries compares 1) to tyrannies endured by a Chinese church (of which I am completed unqualified to address), or 2) to a personal suggestion that our situation is somehow deeply political or much more than a genuine attempt to squelch a viral pandemic that has taken tens of thousands of lives around the globe, I am prompted how decades of law, persecution, discrimination, oppression, and intimidation, primarily moving the Chinese Church underground, triggered and produced a well-spring of revival and Holy Spirit directed life and church growth.  Some have said there are now over 100 million believers in China ~ and all from the underground church. Jesus said, “I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it (Matthew 16:18).” Lead on, friends. What a privilege it is to be called and to be active in the ministry of the gospel.



Now, my final weekly COVID 19 Update.


For those in our Fellowship desiring samples of various re-open procedures for churches, you can find those posted on our social media (if you are a member of our Kentucky Assemblies of God Members and Leaders Facebook group).


-If a pastor has not yet written and communicated to their church adherents re-open policy / plans / procedures, do so now. 


-If any pastors would be willing to post on our FB group your church’s written re-open plan, thank you. There are others asking to see samples. 


-Previous weekly updates and re-open details can be reviewed in statements posted at


-Do not delay re-opening church services longer than you should/need to, but realize there is no required re-open date. If you need another week, there is no problem or shame in taking precautions and making sure everyone is safe. And, yes, there are other pastors and churches that have communicated they are waiting one or two more weeks for various reasons. 


-Consider sending an increased monthly pledge amount to missionaries assisting them with shortfalls they’ve endured during C19. Pray for them by name. And, you can use this link:




-Ask your missionaries for their children’s birthdays, or their birthdays, and send a $boost for them 


-Continue your online presence and build your media resources to faithfully present Christ to your church, your communities, and the nations. We are the Assemblies of God. Missions, here and abroad: it’s what we do.


-The KYAG Network office remains partially remote until further notice. Messages and emails are promptly returned and processed. 


-The KYAG Presbytery met via Zoom this week (Mon/Tues) and were encouraged, among other items, for a number of new ministers pursuing credentials and credential upgrades. 


-KYAG will continue to use online venues (such as Zoom and other media as needed) to more effectively and efficiently accommodate resourcing and reaching our Network and ministries.


-The KYAG Presbytery, as are numerous other Networks around the nation, is reviewing various Network Re-Structuring systems that could be implemented in months/years to come. Our commitment is to most efficiently and effectively resource the church to Reach the world as a Spirit-empowered, Missions-involved, Biblically Engaged, Network of Diversity.

-For KYAG ministers and global workers, plan to join our 45 min-one hour “Superintendent’s Zoom-Connect Thursdays”, 4pm EDT, weekly. The private Zoom link will be sent to all credentialed ministers here and across the globe. This week, I have two Supt’s Zoom Guest Contributors. One is a 30+ year Chi Alpha Campus Director who has launched approximately 25 campus ministries across the United States and Latin America. The second is an attorney and Co-Counsel for the Covington, KY high school student, Nick Sandmann, who was attending an anti-abortion March for Life at the Lincoln Memorial in January 2019. The family of Nicholas Sandmann, sued The Washington Post, accusing the newspaper of targeting the Covington Catholic High School student for political purposes when their son Nick encountered a Native American elder and activist.

-Our General Superintendent, Doug Clay shared this week, while C19 has brought it’s challenges to our National and Global Movement, here in the United States in the weeks of our isolations – 54 new churches opened, 131 new commitments to plant churches are logged, almost $850,000 has been committed by new church plants to missions, and 25,000 leaders (including many of yourselves in our KYAG family) have entered and engaged the Church Re-Launch/Revitalization training.


-Your church leadership can still join our Supt’s KY Re-Launch/Revitalization training Zooms on Saturdays at 9:00am EDT. It’s a 1.5-hour nugget-rich training community where we grow and learn. We are stronger together. Contact our Network office for the private Zoom link.


May God richly bless each of you, your families, and your churches as you proclaim Christ, the Author, and Finisher of our faith. Finally, allow me to leave you with this reminder for God’s Church from a Swedish poet, Carl Boberg:


Then sings my soul, My Savior God, to Thee

How great Thou art, How great Thou art

Then sings my soul, My Savior God, to Thee

How great Thou art, How great Thou art.


Joseph S. Girdler, DMin
Network Pastor - Superintendent
Kentucky - Assemblies of God 

Previous Statements:


In order to help all reach their full potential in the work and ministries to which the Lord has called them, we are actively committed to raising the quality of spiritual life for everyone in our churches across Kentucky.  

​Joseph S. Girdler, D.Min.


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