Kentucky Children’s Ministries

Welcome to the Children’s Ministry home page. We are here for service to you and welcome any input you may have concerning children’s ministries.

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 Kentucky Vision Statements:

1. Providing a level of excellence in children’s ministry to any pastor or church needing help jumpstarting their children’s ministry.
2. To help begin a new work in a church just getting started by helping to find volunteers, motivation and great tools of resources.
3. On going training for children’s workers through workshops, conventions, and conferences in KY.
4. Serve as a resource center for information and helps for children.
5. Sectional training of various children’s ministry events.
6. Local church staffing.
7. Winning the hearts of children of the Kentucky District for the kingdom of God.
8. Researching needs to help local pastors with a children’s ministry.
9. Current calendar promos for the state of Kentucky.
10. Special events occurring in the Kentucky District.


• Kids Evangelists
• KY Children’s Pastors
• Retreats for Children’s Workers
• Summer Kids Camps
• Vacation Bible School Helps
• Sectional Team Building
• Team Leadership Cabinet
• Children’s Ministry Networking
• Free Resources
• Fun Ideas for your ministry
• Jr. Staff Training
• Children’s Worship Teams
• Volunteer Appreciation

District Events

• Children’s Church Rallies
• Children’s Workshops
• Worker’s Banquets
• Camp Counselor Get Aways
• Kids Missions Banquets
• Think-a-thon Brainstorming

KY District Children's Ministries

• Junior Bible Quiz
• B.G.M.C.
• Children’s Church
• Kids Quest
• Summer Camps
• Missionettes
• Royal Rangers
• Kids Sunday School
• Bus Ministry
• Nursery
• Jr. Staff Volunteers
• Kids Worship Teams

Children's Ministries Outreach

• Memories (For bereaved Parents)
• Kiss the World One at A Time (Special encouragement through ministry)
• Teddy Bear Ministry (Children who go through traumatic situations)
• Networking (Begin a network group in your area)


District Children’s Director: Patsy Dennis

Patsy pic with large flower ring

Patsy Dennis
District Children’s Director
Cell: (859) 552-KIDS (5437)


• To answer every phone call in a timely fashion.
• To encourage, uplift and motivate every children’s worker
• And most of all be the person who is there for every pastor no matter how small the need may be.

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