Eastern Kentucky University Chi Alpha

“We are a movement of college students earnestly following Jesus.”  “We are focused on transforming our world, locally and around the globe. We experience the supernatural. We work hard to learn from and join with international students. We strive to be multicultural. We see that faith and thinking are related.”Chi Alpha


EKU is a large university with a small school atmosphere and Chi Alpha is the only true Pentecostal Christian Organization on our campus. The group is fast becoming a well known group. Student and instructors now recognize us by name. This was not always the case. We have our large group meeting on Thursday night, and bible studies and cell groups at the convenience of the group.  Chi Alpha seeks to be a group of dedicated students that use cutting edge methods of evangelism.


Contact & Support

Ben Burnett
Chi Alpha, Eastern Kentucky University
122 Bragg Ln.
Berea, KY 40403
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